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Sakura Wars is Finally Coming to the West in April

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Overview Developed in between Red Company and Sega , Sakura Taisen is the first entry in the now-iconic multimedia franchise that combines dating sim style adventure gameplay with strategy RPG combat. The game’s development was lead by Oji Hiroi , who had previously produced the immensely popular Tengai Makyou series, and featured character designs by Kousuke Fujishima , famous for his work on several Tales games and the Oh My Goddess!

Sakura Taisen was originally released on the Sega Saturn in Japan on September 27, and was a huge success; selling out the day it hit the market. With the game’s amazing sales, several spin-off titles were released and the story was adapted into various forms of media including an anime as well as a series of stage plays. A sequel soon followed with the release of Sakura Taisen 2 in and the original game was later ported to the Dreamcast and PC by M2. A remake of Sakura Taisen was eventually developed for the PlayStation 2 in titled Sakura Taisen: Atsuki Chishio Ni , which featured a new 3D battle system, redone artwork, and a reworked story.

Sakura Taisen is set in alternative-historical rendition of the Japan’s Taishou era about Most technology is powered by steam, from automobiles to personal computers.

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– Buy Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love – Nintendo Wii Online at low prices The majority of your time in the game will be in the dating-sim portion of it.

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Sakura Wars

Series reboots come in all shapes and sizes. Bringing a popular or even lesser known franchise into a new era of gaming, complete with a shift in direction or genre can often excite new and old fans alike. Not all reboots come from such well known series however — enter Sakura Wars, back to try and wow a western audience for a second time. These groups of theatre workers put on shows for the public, while also defending the city from demons using chunky mechs on the side.

Your role will see you trying to get the theatre back into the black, earning the trust of its all female staff, and charging into battle alongside them.

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Sakura Wars (Franchise)

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: Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love: Unknown: Video Games. It’s more of a dating sim with a tactical battle system. There are some parts that had.

Here’s how players can add more characters to their roster. The most recent entry released in acting as a reboot to the series. The game itself combines role-playing with a visual novel and a dating sim, as players navigate building their relationships with other characters. The game is full of opportunities for players to make their own decision paths based on the conversations they have. Entries throughout the series have taken place in popular cities like Tokyo and Paris.

Koi-Koi is an optional Japanese mini-game where players can build their roster of characters. Koi-Koi is a game that originates from Japan and requires the player to strategically play each card to win. Players will begin their journey with Sakura as the first playable character. By winning games in specific ways, players can unlock more characters. Here’s how to unlock all the playable characters in Koi-Koi. Koi-Koi has been around for centuries as a fun and enjoyable card-based game.

The game is full of rich history and is very easy to pick up and play.

Sakura Wars -In Hot Blood- Complete Music Collection

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Eager to please genre fans, Sakura Wars delivers an old school experience with a hefty dose of drama. Originally conceived back in as a way to offer an RPG franchise on the Sega Saturn, the original Sakura Wars series was a mix of visual novel, dating sim and round-based strategy combat. It follows an all-female theatre troupe based at Tokyo’s Imperial Theatre, putting on shows as the Flower Troupe to keep the spirits of the populace high, while also acting as the Imperial Combat Revue, a paramilitary operation tasked with defending the capital from monsters.

To do so, they use mechs called Kobu, powered by the strength of their spirit. With its anime stylings and a cast of lovable protagonists, the franchise became a wild hit in Japan before its fate was sealed along with the Dreamcast. The west only saw the localisation of the last Sakura Wars game, Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, its New York setting and all-new cast considered a good entry point into a series often deemed to be too Japanese. This new Sakura Wars constitutes a soft reboot, set a decade after the events of the originals and using established gameplay but featuring a completely new cast.

It’s your job to help restore the Imperial Theatre to glory and keep Tokyo safe.

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A novice stage performer who joined the Flower Division to follow in the footsteps of her idol, onetime mega-star Sakura Shinguji. She believes strongly in the importance of both sides of the organization: the combat unit that defends Tokyo and its dramatic counterpart, the Imperial Revue, that lifts the spirits of the populace. Sakura fervently prays that both will eventually be restored to their former glory.

The first game’s overlap of the tactical role-playing, dating sim and visual novel genres Sakura Wars Online for the Dreamcast was released in with two.

The Sakura Wars franchise is a franchise that has been around for a very long time in Japan. After nearly fifteen years, Sega has decided to revive the Sakura War s franchise in a big way, with a worldwide release of its newest mainline entry, simply titled Sakura Wars. Not only does this new Sakura Wars serve as a thoughtful love letter to fans of the original, but it works as the perfect jumping-on point for those of us being exposed to this storied Sega IP for the first time.

As with earlier titles in the series, Sakura Wars is a dating simulator mixed with action RPG gameplay. Despite taking place only ten years after the last game, Sakura Wars: So Long, My love , this new entry acts as a soft reboot. Taking place in a fictionalized version of s Japan, players are put in control of Seijuro Kamiyama, an Imperial Japanese Navy ensign. Seijuro is assigned to be the new captain of the Imperial Combat Revue’s Flower Division, a military division tasked with defending the city of Tokyo from demon attacks.

As the story unfolds, players will need to navigate their way through relationships with the all-female team while engaging in mech battles against invading demons. Over the course of several episodes, players will get to connect with each member of the team as they prepare to restore the Flower Division to its former glory by taking part in the Combat Revue World Games, a tournament between combat teams from around the world.

In addition to the five members of the Flower Division, the supporting cast is made up of three other teams among others. Of these, only a handful of characters get the time needed for their relationships with the core cast to feel properly developed. To say that Sakura Wars feels like a playable anime feels like a major understatement.

Review: Dating sim legend Sakura Wars returns

The 3 main heroines of the first “Sakura Wars” series. Cover art by Hidenori Matsubara. The franchise began as a series of video games, first released on the Sega Saturn video game console in As the series grew in popularity it was expanded to other markets such as manga, animation, stage shows, drama CDs, food products, and various merchandise.

Dating Sims: Sakura Wars, Meine Liebe, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, Comic consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. by Red Entertainment and Sega that includes video games and other merchandise.

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The PlayStation 2 version makes up for that, keeping the original orchestrations and updating the synth sound to suit the remastered look of the game. I would like to first cover the vocal themes. Serving as the main theme for the entire series, there are numerous different versions of this song outside the game.

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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: Excerpt: Sakura Wars Sakura Taisen is a Japanese media franchise created by Ouji Hiroi, and is developed and owned by Sega and licensed by Red Entertainment and Sega that includes video games and other merchandise. The franchise centers on a series of dramatic fantasy and science-fantasy tactical role-playing adventure video games, which consist of tactical wargame and dating sim elements, but includes a motion picture, anime, printed media, and other merchandise.

The series began in as an eponymous video game; the game was a success and spawned sequels. The video game series has since branched into other genres and platforms, such as portable games and games for mobile phones. The original storyline, said to be inspired by the Shochiku Revue and Takarazuka Revue, takes place in an alternate s Tokyo. It follows the adventures of an all-female secret task force known as the Imperial Assault Force – Flower Division as they defend the Imperial Capital Tokyo against evil.

They are led by Ichiro Ogami, a newly graduated male Imperial Navy Ensign who had been assigned to the squad partly due to his unique ability to use a special type of armor, about which it was previously believed that only women possessing high levels of spiritual powers could operate. The setting eventually moved on to other locations such as Paris and New York.